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Comprehensive Community Planning

The Pune’laxutth’ Comprehensive Community Plan covers huge scope for the future of community. Anne Crocker and Marion James have been hired to collect data and update community in duration of Phase 3, which is “Implementation” of CCP process.

If you haven’t had a chance to participate with Phase 1 and Phase 2 please take time to participate by filling in this survey which covers Governance, Economic Development, Health and Education; these are some gaps from the first two phases of the process.

You are welcome to share your ideas, vision, hopes or potential projects for the betterment of community and our membership’s future. Urban Systems, Elizabeth Lau and Catherine Simpson are assisting Pune’laxutth’ with the process of collecting data and completing the Adoption of the CCP in the new year.

The Punelaxutth’ CCP process is a planning process that is driven, designed and implemented by the community for the community.